What does a Casting director do?

Casting directors work with production to cast the best talent for each project by filtering talent submissions through the process of auditions. Once a project has been cast, we act as the liaison between talent agencies/talent and production, negotiating contracts, and ensuring talent is equipped to show up on set ready to work. 

Do you represent talent?

No. Casting directors are NOT talent agents. Casting directors work directly with talent agencies/talent to scout and secure the most suitable talent for each project.

What is your rate?

Our rate varies project to project and often depends on a number of factors such as how many roles we are casting, the production budget, and time constraints etc. 

Why use Knight Sky Casting?

Molly Knight and Carly Granovsky have both worked on camera and empathize with the stress of auditioning. Our goal is to support the talent we see so they are able to showcase their best performance in the casting room.  

How can talent submit for roles?

Follow @knightskycasting on Facebook and Instagram to see what is currently being cast and how to apply.